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Mental health

How do you shape a mission in which you strive for a world without mental complaints?

Moovd is a specialist in digital mental health therapies. These digital therapies are being used by more than 5,000 professionals in 9 different countries (Moovd, 2023). Their mission is therefore to create a world where no one is affected by mental complaints anymore. With We Mind, we gave words and images to this mission. At an earlier stage, we already developed the corporate identity and website. Recently, we worked on the brand movie. Right, he should tell that new story! And that is just the beginning of much more. Because such a big ambition requires much more than just a brand movie. We're on it.

Introducing the We Mind concept
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Moovd in numbers

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Moving therapy forward

Moovd strives for a world where no one suffers unnecessarily from mental complaints anymore. This mission has been translated into the We Mind concept, with Moovd as a champion of a healthy mind. A brand movie with matching stories are part of this concept.

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